11 Days In Iceland

          I was lucky enough to travel to the beautiful country of Iceland recently and was blown away by the landscape there, it was a much needed change from the usual city views!  I had been trying to plan a trip out there for quite some time, so when me and a friend won free flights with Wow Air to any of their destinations, Iceland was the obvious choice!

I originally planned on writing 3-4 separate blog posts about my time in Iceland, but I knew I'd be tired of writing them by the 3rd one... so I'm just going to put all 11 days into one post!

Day 1 - Arrival In Iceland, Northern Lights from the plane and Exploring the city of Reykjavik.

Day 2 - "Supposed Snow Storms", First Icelandic Horse Sighting and Cool Cabins.

Day 3 - More Horses, Cats, Cliffs and the Northern Lights

Day 4- A ton of driving and very little shooting

Day 5 - Another day full of driving and not a lot of shooting, as well as our first waterfall! (Goðafoss)

Day 6 - Crazy display of the Northern Lights, Lighthouses, Cabins and more

Day 7 - Churches, Skogafoss at night and Yet another show of the Northern Lights

Day 8 - Rainbows, Waterfalls, Churches and Abandoned plane wrecks for sunrise!

Day 9 - Wicked Concert Hall and Reykjavik Streets again

Days 10 was spent searching for souvenirs and candy that you can't easily find here in Canada anymore, so not really any cool photos from day 10!

Day 11 was spent re-organizing our luggage and such then heading to the airport to fly back home!


Iceland was the most incredible place I have ever been too, which isn't saying a lot since I've only traveled to a few places... but I'm sure if I had traveled more in the past, it would still be up there in the top 3 for sure! If you ever get the chance to go, do it! The food is very expensive, along with the gas... and just about everything else, but if you shop at the right places you can save a bunch of money!

Hope you enjoyed the photos! Planning on releasing a video of some of the footage I filmed while there in the near future!