Day trip to Detroit.

This weekend I finally had the opportunity to travel out to Detroit and capture some photos of the wonderful decay inside of some beautiful places.

Our First stop after crossing the border and meeting up with a friend was what used to be the Detroit Lions football stadium, known as the Silverdome. The Lions stopped using this field many many years back, since than there has been a few attempts to revitalize the stadium but luckily for me (Unlucky for them) it hasn't worked.

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After the stadium, we headed over to an abandoned prison that we heard about. After climbing through some holes in multiple fences, we were in... along with multiple turkeys on the property! The property consisted of many buildings, some seemed to have been designed specifically to hold women/children and some that were more secured, I'm guessing for the more dangerous criminals. Unfortunately I don't know the name of the prison so finding out the history of it is a little hard for me.

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After the prison however, our luck ran out... the other spots we had in mind to try out weren't very accessible anymore so getting in would have been quite the challenge. We walked around the city for a while checking out spots then after not having much luck and remembering the long car ride home ahead of us, we decided to call it a night and head home. But we will be back.